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Mergers & Acquisitions

Whatever the scale or circumstances of the transaction, we help you identify the risks and rewards.

Whether selling or buying a business, we ensure that the transaction is as tax efficient as possible. We assist you with negotiations, so that the best result is achieved.

Business Sale

We use our considerable experience in this area to maximise the amount received by you.

This involves managing both tax and the price offered. Tax planning for sale needs to start well before an offer for the business is received. However, at whatever point we are engaged, we work to ensure the sale is carried out in the most tax efficient manner possible. We assist you in negotiating the deal and maximise the consideration./p>

Business Purchase

We assist our clients to determine quickly whether the business for sale represents a sound investment.

We use due diligence to firm up the seller's intentions and then to identify risks and rewards of the acquisition for you. We know that, by working closely with you, we can maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of the due diligence process. We ensure that funds required for the purchase are sourced in the most tax efficient manner. Where possible, we examine the seller's circumstances to establish whether the tax efficiency of you can be retained and that of the seller enhanced in exchange for reduced consideration.

Business Valuation

Valuations can be required in various circumstances:

  • quantify goodwill on incorporation of a sole trader or partnership.
  • value a business on the entry or exit of an owner.
  • establish a business's value to a potential buyer, so that a business is not sold at an undervalue.
  • establish how far from the owners' expectations the current business value is. This can then be used to establish a strategy to increase the business value over time.

Business Merger

When two businesses combine, we can advise on the best ownership and operational structure to ensure the combination is a success.

We advise on the tax efficiency of the combination, both in terms of any consideration paid and future earnings and gains.

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